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Looking for an internship position that is interesting and meaningful yet provides you with opportunities to learn and develop your skills for future employment? Then, Silver Ribbon (Singapore) could be the workplace you're looking for.


“The internship programme is a good opportunity to gain exposure to the mental health scene and a great starting ground for those who are really interested in working in the social service/mental health sectors. Silver Ribbon (Singapore) is one of the frontrunners in Singapore’s mental health scene and thus, organizes many outreach events and is also frequently invited to major mental health events with other stakeholders. Interning at SRS provides many opportunities to take part in these events and get a glimpse of how different mental health agencies work collaboratively.”
Max Goh Wei Loong, Singapore University of Social Sciences

“I learnt that getting a cure for mental health issues is a long battle that requires the effort of both the client and the people around them, their constant effort on maintaining the mental well-being of the client.”
Jasper Chew, Singapore University of Social Sciences

“I was able to expose myself to the different challenges faced by the social service sector and hence, this made my internship experiencing much more enriching and meaningful.”
Megan Chong Kah En, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

“I learnt countless things, and many of my inaccurate misconceptions were debunked during my time here. For instance, it is untrue that people with mental health issues are violent, or that those suffering from mental health issues cannot function and lead normal lives.”
Erica Leong Wei Yan, University at Buffalo

“This internship has been greatly beneficial. It not only allowed me to learn more knowledge about psychology and the mental health sector, but allowed me to grow as a person by developing soft skills that can be applied in the long run.”
Liew Jun Yi Sean, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

“It is a great learning experience and through this internship, one can gain a better understanding of whether the mental health industry is truly where they want to work in the future.”
Phay Yan Deng, Nanyang Technological University

“I enjoyed my time at Silver Ribbon (Singapore). Every lesson learnt was very valuable to me. In addition, the duration was just right for me to gain new insights regarding the different mental health organisations.”
Nur Amanina Bte Roslan, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

“Throughout my internship, I realized I have learnt so much – I gained exposure on the mental health industry, I learnt how to portray myself professionally, and I had opportunities to interact with public during workshops, talks and house visits! Most importantly, I saw myself grow, especially in confidence. Overall it was a very enriching opportunity.”
Ao Mingyi, Belinda, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

“This internship had opened up many opportunities for me to learn and to lead. I came in with the intention to broaden my horizons beyond textbook knowledge and I got more than what I asked for. I learnt what how to present and carry myself in formal situations, daily office operations and most importantly, what it means to be a leader and the reality of the mental health industry in Singapore.”
Trini Low, University at Buffalo

“Theoretical knowledge and studying alone do not offer practical insight into what it is like working in mental health or social work. While this experience was challenging, it helped reaffirm my passion for this field and given me a better idea of what to look forward to in my future career.”
Jessica Driscoll, University of Melbourne

“I enjoyed it overall. Of course, there were days that were better than others, but as I am completing my last day as SRS, I believe that all these experiences were worthwhile. Even at the talks I went to, I managed to learn how to carry oneself in the presence of the public, and I even learned from the talk itself. I especially enjoyed the monthly evaluations as they allowed me to see myself in others’ eyes and to really get in touch with my flaws as pointed out by someone else. The internship experience was largely eye-opening and I got to learn so much about clients, the public, the organization and the mental health service providers. I enjoyed learning all these from SRS.”
Randell Chan, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

“Although initially I felt like I was out of my comfort zone, (taking into consideration that I have never worked before), I later realized that this internship is a good opportunity for me to challenge myself and learn new things about myself. It also gave me exposure to the mental health field and its various stakeholders, which is beneficial since I am interested in this field and social work. I also learned more about office etiquette, event planning and managing day-to-day office administration matters, which can be useful in a future job.”
Nur Faeza Bte Md Kefli, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

“The internship exposed me to pressing and prominent issues in the mental health sector that most of the public would overlook or be unaware of as they do not have the chance to interact directly with consumers and mental health organisations.”
Joshua Lim Hua Siong, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

“It has given me an insight of working in a VWO and a mental health organization. It allows me to recognize the needs of society with regards to mental health issues especially during house visit and events that I had attended, which allowed me to interact with the public. It is definitely a good exposure for my future working life.”
Umi Lee Jia Qi, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

“I believe that my visits during my attachment with Silver Ribbon (Singapore) have given me a real understanding of the mental health issues in Singapore."
Marco Francis, Tanglin Trust School 

"Having ownership in managing projects, going for house visits, engaging directly with consumers, and getting the full support from the supervisor helps me gain valuable experiences which we would not be able to encounter in the comfort of a lecture room."
Oh Shao Shiuan, Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

"Yes, this internship is beneficial because it has better prepared me for my future working life."
Yvonne Yen, Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

"The experience of organizing events and being part of a family made internship enjoyable. Despite all the knowledge gained during the past two years, internship is the period when I have learnt the most."
Rachel Tan, Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

"I enjoyed my internship at Silver Ribbon (Singapore) as I get exposures to handling different events and are also given opportunities to interact with different people."
Adeline Chow Dai Jie, Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

"I learned that people with mental illness can be as normal as, or even more so, than those without. I was touched by my meeting with 2 consumers who changed my assumptions and views."
Angelin Shobe Periera, Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

"I enjoyed my internship very much. I learned so much of what cannot be taught through lectures or tutorials during this period of time and I am confident this experience would be a huge stepping stone towards fulfilling my dream of working in the field of mental health."
Diana, Nanyang Technological University 

"Yes, this internship programme is beneficial as it provides an insight to the working environment of a Voluntary Welfare Organisation on mental health. It gives a realistic portrayal of the process and obstacles faced in fighting against mental health stigma."
Wong Shi Qi, Nanyang Technological University 

"It allows me to learn beyond the text and know more about mental health issues at the societal level. The best lesson that I’ve learnt is that everyone have an important role to play, be it teachers, the different organisations, parents, teachers or even friends."
Lim Jia Li, National University of Singapore 

"The internship is versatile and it allows me to display skills in different areas. The job is also meaningful because people get to benefit from the work that I do."
Stephanie Toh, Singapore Management University 

"I enjoyed the learning process I had in the span of my internship as I saw my growth in SRS. From the student who is reliant on my senior colleagues, I grew to be more independent in doing my work as I ventured out to start the proposal work for my internship project."
Joy Chiang, Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

"I think that SRS has a very nurturing environment and felt that I have learnt a lot being involved in the organization of events."
Cherlyn Chin, Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

“The annual talks, activities and events that I had helped out in, they were all an eye-opener and taught me many things that I never knew before. Especially having interacted with different stakeholders that deal with mental health issues in Singapore, it made me realized how some problem could be influences of mental health issues which I had not thought of previously.”
Cheo Yee Wei, Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

“I was able to take part in numerous projects, events and get a chance to attend house visits. All these provided me with a better understanding on the organisation’s role in its aim to combat mental health stigma. I was able to experience the importance of ‘the human touch’ when aiding clients; a small gesture of just caring for them will go a long way.”
Trisha Nanticha Soo, Ngee Ann Polytechnic


The internship will involve you in the various aspects of the Silver Ribbon (Singapore)’s work, including the following tasks:
  • Day-to-day administrative tasks
  • Planning outreach activities
  • Liaison with consumers, caregivers, volunteers, government agencies, media and partners, etc
  • Conducting home visits
  • Seeking of event sponsors
  • Development of proposals
  • Project management
You will attend and be expected to contribute to regular staff meetings and will receive supervision and feedback for your work. The multi-faceted internship will provide training opportunities, allowing you to develop skills in, amongst other things: 
  • Communication with people from both the private and public sectors on mental health issues
  • Writing and public presentations to combat mental health and encourage early treatment
In addition, interns will have the chance to delve into the mental health industry and to understand the present mental health condition from different angles. 


We are recruiting passionate, motivated, people-oriented and independent individuals as full-time interns for a period of at least 4 months. Priority will be given to applicants who can commit for a longer period. Outstanding interns will be considered when opportunities arise for permanent staff positions at Silver Ribbon (Singapore). 


Proficient in
  • English, and
  • 2nd language (Chinese/Malay/Tamil)
  • Adept in Microsoft Office applications (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint), and/or other relevant softwares
  • Articulate; comfortable with people and public speaking
  • Proficiency in writing and speaking professionally to partners
  • Ability to multi-task and work independently or in a team
  • Resourcefulness and creative initiative
  • Meticulous
Working Hours

Student interns are required to work on Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm. At times, they would be requested to stay back after office hours or during weekends. 


Student interns are expected to be punctual and attend all work sessions. In the event of illness and/or emergency, student interns should inform to their field supervisor without delay. A medical certificate covering the day(s) of absence and/or relevant documents (e.g., sick leave of parent) will need to be submitted. There may be a need for make up for the hours to ensure that the minimum contact hours are met. 

Code of Conduct

Student interns would be reporting to a field supervisor. They are expected to observe work ethics and professional code of conduct. 

Failing to do so, Silver Ribbon (Singapore) reserves the right to terminate the internship with immediate notice. 


Student interns would waive all claims against Silver Ribbon (Singapore) for any damage, loss, injury and even death during their internship. 


Student interns would be assessed on the following criteria: 
  • Job Knowledge & Related Skills
    • Knowledge Competence
    • Communication
    • Organisation Skills
  • Performance
    • Quality of Work
    • Dependability
  • Initiative & Judgement
  • Attitude & Adaptability
    • Punctuality & Attendance
    • Effort & Interest in Work
    • Ability to work with others
    • Response to supervision
  • Ethical Conduct

To apply, please send the following documents to or Silver Ribbon (Singapore), C/O H.O.L.A., Block 208 Serangoon Central, #01-238, Singapore 550208:
  • An official letter from the institution to certify that you are presently attending/have completed your course
  • An essay of 200 to 250 words, stating the reasons for seeking an internship with Silver Ribbon (Singapore)
  • An up-to-date curriculum vitae or resume with
    • expected monthly allowance, and
    • available attachment period
Only shortlisted student interns would be invited to a pre-placement interview.