Creating a Mentally Friendly & Healthy Community

Complimentary Counselling Service

Silver Ribbon (Singapore) is offering this service to everyone regardless of their age, background, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc

For who?
  • Mentally well
    • Those who are just feeling stressed out due to work, studies, relationship, health condition, disabilities, and/or other issues which they are not comfortable to share with anyone
    • Those who would like to know how to support their loved ones, friends, staff, colleagues, members, etc, who are feeling stressed out or coping with mental health issues

  • Mentally at risk
    Those who are having family history of mental health condition and/or exhibiting warning signs which start to affect
    • Their relationship with loved ones
    • Their health
    • Their work or studies

  • Mentally unwell
    Those who have been delaying or defaulting their treatment because
    • They are fearful of being judged and labelled
    • They do not want to be dependent on medication
    • They have bad experience in help seeking
    • They are worried about the treatment cost and side effect of their medication
    • Those who have been diagnosed and are seeking treatment because they want to learn how to
      • Accept that they have a mental health condition
      • Manage their own condition
      • Look for warning signs of relapse

    By who?

    Once an appointment has been fixed, an Executive, who have obtained a degree in Psychology, Social Work or Counselling, and completed intense in-house training, will be deployed to provide basic emotional support for each client.

    Please note that

    • We do not engage interns, students or volunteers to handle this important task
    • We do not diagnose anyone during these sessions


    Free of charge


    It is compulsory to contact us to fix an appointment as we are unable to confirm the availability of the Executive if you walk in


    This service is open to all except those clients who

    • Fail to notify us on their postponement or cancellation in advance for 3 times
    • Threaten and/or abuse our staff verbally, physically or sexually

    Mode of Delivery

    Types of SessionsRecommended forPoints to be noted so that all clients will get to access to this complimentary counselling service for up to 1 hour on time
    Online Session (Phone calls, Zoom or Whatsapp)Those who are IT savvy and do not have time to travel to our officePlease note that this service will be cancelled if the client
    • Fails to provide email address and/or mobile no
    • Fails to ensure his/her IT equipment or phone is in good working condition before his/her appointment date & time
    • Provides wrong email address and/or mobile no
    • Is not available and/or contactable on his/her appointment date & time
    • Logs in 20 mins late
    Face to Face Session @
    H.O.L.A. Blk 208, Serangoon Central #01-238 Singapore 550208
    Those who are not IT savvyPlease note that this service will be
    • Cancelled if
      • the client and his/her accompanying person fail to submit their vaccination record before their appointment
      • The client is 20 mins late
    • Suspended upon the announcement on a significant increase in the number of cases tested positive for Covid-19
    House VisitThose who are immobilePlease note that this service will be
    • Cancelled if
      • We fail to receive the vaccination record of the client and his/her family members who will be present before the date of visit We note that the client’s consent has not been obtained
      • No family is available at the time of visit
    • Suspended upon the announcement on a significant increase in the number of cases tested positive for Covid-19

    Mode of Language
    • English
    • Mandarin
    • Dialect – Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew
    • Each session will last for up to 1 hour
    • All clients are advised to arrive or log in on time
    • Grace period – 15 mins. Their appointment will be cancelled after that
    • No special arrangement will be made to extend the duration of their session for latecomers
    • All appointments must be fixed with the consent of our clients
    • We do not accept requests from members of public, neighbor, friends, and etc, to fix appointments without the consent of the client
    • We do not install CCTV within the counselling room and/or switch on recording button during counselling session via Zoom
    • The Executive will document the discussion so that the client does not have to repeat his/her story again during the next visit
    • All reports will be kept confidential and we do not accept requests from schools, employers or any agencies
    • The next of kin will be notified only on life threatening issues as we are worried about the client’s safety

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